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Pores Correction Cream + Pore Correction Mask (50ml + 5x25ml)


The advanced pore corrector contains PORETECT, a combination of two seed extracts: flax and celery. Manufactured in France, without colouring, without alcohol, not tested on animals and contains ingredients of no animal origin.

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This pore correction face cream and pore corrective mask gives the skin firmness, tone and density and thus strengthens the structures that keep the pores tight. It refines the texture of the skin and promotes a fuzzy and silky appearance.

Clinical tests carried out by an independent laboratory. Results not guaranteed, depending on the user.

Clinical tests conducted with 34 female volunteers aged 35 to 58 using a similar product show that in 4 to 8 weeks:

  • A decrease in the occurrence of age-related loose pores,
  • the pores become thinner and less visible,
  • brings softness, tone, firmness and elasticity to the skin,
  • gives the skin a youthful and healthy appearance.

The skin is our largest and independent organ. To function, she needs to breathe. Through the pores, the body can be enriched with oxygen as well as sweat. Sometimes, however, the pores expand more. The appearance of the skin depends on each person, their lifestyle, but also on their hormone level. During puberty, the level of male hormones rises and leads to overproduction of sebum and a possible enlargement of pores, which become clogged and develop blackheads or pimples. The pores of the skin can expand regularly. This is done, for example, by too much fat and sugar, during menstruation, during pregnancy or during menopause.

The innovative large pore corrector is a skin rejuvenation agent! The active ingredient of our pore-reducing products counteracts the age-related phenomenon of enlarged skin pores. Our product gives the skin firmness, tone and density, strengthening the structures that keep the pores small. It refines the texture of the skin and promotes a silky appearance.


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