Grey Away Anti Grey Shampoo (150ml)


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And if you could restore the natural color of your hair in a few days? Up to 81% less grey hair*!

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And if you could restore the natural color of your hair in a few days? Up to 81% less grey hair*!

GREY AWAY Anti-grey shampoo complement is applied 2-3 times a week to the wet hair and massaged into the entire hair. Rinse danch. For maximum efficiency, use the Gray Away lotion daily for 12 weeks.

The Grey Away Lotion is a revolutionary treatment that makes the grey hair fade.
The treatment is simple and fast. With daily use over a period of 12 weeks in the morning on the dry hair, the hair is naturally and gradually pigmented again. After that, i.e. after 12 weeks, a simple application once a week is required to avoid new white hair already from the hair root.

- Stimulates the pigmentation process to restore the natural hair color,
- Acts on the two main causes of the aging process of hair by improving melanogenesis and reducing oxidative stress in the hair root,
- Delays and prevents pigmentation loss of hair fibers
- Perfect alternative to classic hair coloring for users who want their natural hair color back.

Why do the hairs turn grey?

Grey Away: Clinical Results

In reality, the hair does not turn grey, but white! It is an optical illusion related to the mixture of dyed hair and white hair. As the whiteness increases, the hair becomes greyer and greyer. The phenomenon of hair whitening is called canities. The hair becomes white when it is no longer pigmented, when melanocytes can no longer transmit melanin to keratinocytes, with the cells forming the epidermis for the most part.

Melanin is a natural molecule produced by certain cells, the so-called melanocytes, which are mainly present in the epidermis and whose essential function is to protect the skin from UV rays of solar radiation. This melanin is a dyed substance (also called "pigment") and gives the tissues (skin, but also hair) a more or less intense color depending on the amount.

* Up to 81% reduction of white hair.
* Clinical test with the formulation of 15 volunteers aged 18 to 35 years with white hair of more than 20%.

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