Energy Booster Hair Growth Shampoo + Lotion + Detangler

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Energy Booster Hair Growth Shampoo + Lotion Set (150ml+100ml)

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Our new set consists of 1x 150ml Energy Booster Shampoo, 1x 100ml Energy Booster LeaveIn Lotion and our Veana DeTangler, the ingenious hairbrush against sour hair. The Veana DeTangler simply dissolves small nodules without peeing, tugging and tearing. Use the Veana DeTangler right after washing your hair and the hair will be smooth and supple. - And best of all, you get the set at a special price and the Detangler for free in our set.

ENERGY BOOSTER Lotion (100ml) and ENERGY Booster Shampoo contribute to a regular acceleration of hair growth to delay hair loss, limit seborrheic activity and increase capillary volume.

ENERGY BOOSTER Lotion helps to accelerate hair growth, reduce seborrhea and increase hair volume. Protects against contamination, makes it smoother, softer and shinier and easier to comb.

The active substance contained in the Energy Booster Lotion was tested in a study over a period of three months with the following results:

  • A decrease in seborrheic activity of -62% for users.
  • A significantly reduced hair loss in 75% of users.
  • An increase in visible hair volume of +69%.
  • A monthly hair growth rate of +33%.

ENERGY BOOSTER shampoo for the hair nourishes and makes the hair supple so it is easier to style.

Made in France, free of parabens, free of dyes and not tested on animals.

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