HairBell Shampoo + Conditioner + HairCream Intensive PRO

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This set contains 1x1000ml shampoo, 1x1000ml conditioner and 1x1000ml HairBellHairCream intensive special set for hair care in dry hair.

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This set contains 1x 1000ml shampoo, 1x1000ml conditioner and 1x150ml HairBellHairCream intense

Special set for hair care for dry hair.

The clinical tests for HairBell prove that hair grows three times faster with Hairbell. In just four months, the hair can grow faster than it normally grows in a year. Nourished and moisturized, the hair is fuller, shinier and stronger.

According to the study, Hairbell stands for 5 guaranteed results:

  • The average results showed that the hair grows 3 times as fast,
  • Smooth and shiny hair,
  • Lasts several months after treatment,
  • Hairbell works on all hair types
  • Reduces hair loss.

The results of the clinical trial:

  • Hairbell restores resilience and elasticity by +83%
  • Faster growing hair: +76%,
  • The product effectiveness is +80%
  • Product Satisfaction: 90%

The centimeter measurements carried out show an average increase in hair growth rate, which amounts to 123% for a treatment period of 28 days.

95% of Hairbell clinical trial testers continued to use Hairbell after the study.

HairBell is absolutely safe for your health and can always be used by anyone (including children or pregnant women) and is also suitable for all hair types.

Veana HairBell Daycream is the day care for dry hair. The hair cream is applied to the hair and not rinsed out again. Just like your day cream for your face. Veana HairBell day cream for your hair hydrates and nourishes your hair deeply. This day cream penetrates deep into your hair, directly into the heart of every hair fiber.

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