Pro Capil Hair (Set) - To reactivate hair growth

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Pro Capil Hair (Set) - To reactivate hair growth consists of two products: shampoo (250ml) and lotion (100ml)

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By stimulating cell metabolism, PROCAPIL'HAIR delays the effects and consequences of hair aging while efficiently preventing unwanted hair loss.

The active ingredient of PROCAPIL HAIR This is a combination of 3 active ingredients:

  • A vitamin-enriched peptide, the Biotinyl-GHK.
  • A flavonoid (extract from the citrus plant).
  • And oleanolic acid (extract of olive tree leaves).

There are 3 aspects for delaying hair loss:

  1. From an androgenic point of view: The main aim is to restrict the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) via the enzyme5a reductase. The DHT hinders the growth of hair follicles.
  2. With regard to blood circulation: proper irrigation of the hair is required for the activation of hair growth.
  3. With regard to hair anchorage : An improved and stronger hair anchorage in the epithelial sheath.

The clinical test for the active substance in Pro Capil Hair proves:

Thirty-five volunteer male test subjects with 28 percent baldness (alopecia) apply the hair lotion to the scalp twice a day for two months. The results show as follows.

  • Activation of hair growth by 121%.
  • A 46% delay in hair aging.
  • An improved and stronger hair anchorage.

What is alopecia? - Alopecia (commonly referred to as "smoothness") affects about 20% of all men aged 20 and over, and this percentage increases by 10% with age in ten-year increments, which can be inferred from that more than half of them
of all fifty-year-old men are affected by alopecia.

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