Bave D'Escargot Eye Contour Cream (50ml)


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Our anti-aging cream with snail mucus acts in an extraordinary way on the skin and reduces wrinkles, fine lines and eye rings.

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The eye cream with snail mucus also contains organic silicon, which affects the restructuring of collagen, the main component of the epidermis. Thanks to the combination of these two highly effective active ingredients, our cream effectively protects your skin from skin aging.

Our anti-aging cream with snail mucus acts in an extraordinary way on the skin and reduces wrinkles, fine lines and eye rings. It reduces skin impurities, slows down the aging process of the skin with a real anti-aging effect.

Clinical tests*

The tests focused on the anti-aging cream with snail mucus with the active substance HYDRAPROTECTOL® with the following result: Immediate moisture supply immediately after the first hour of application and +60% after 5 hours. The skin is smoother, firmer and smoother; Roughness is reduced by 21%. * Test carried out by an independent laboratory. Results not guaranteed, depending on the user.

The properties of snail mucus are a true treasure of nature. The snail can heal and regenerate itself thanks to its mucus secretion. Our snail-eye contour serum (HYDRAPROTECTOL® active) contains high-dose concentrated snail mucus extract, which is naturally rich in elastin, collagen and allantoin.

Elastin: plays a special role in the maintenance and suppleness of the skin and helps in the fight against skin aging.
Collagen: Gives the tissue mechanical strain resistance and is essential for the skin repair process.
Allantoin: hydrated, soothes and repairs epidermal tissue.

Unlike food farming, no harm is done to the animals.

The benefits of snail slime were discovered by a Chilean family that grows snails for gastronomic purposes. When processing thousands of screws that have to be peeled manually, the workers often injured their hands. However, the healing of these wounds was much faster than expected. One of the sons recognizes this phenomenon and decides to have the 1980s, snail mucus analyzed by specialized laboratories and discovers the potential of its regenerating and healing composition.

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