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Anti Rosacea Cream + Serum + Mask (small)

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This product set, consisting of cream, serum and mask, is the comprehensive care program for use in rosacea and couperose.

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This product set, consisting of cream (50ml), serum (30ml), mask (50ml) and is the comprehensive care program for use in rosacea and couperosis.

Cream (50ml): Carefully selected plant extracts with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial as well as properties for reducing facial redness in rosacea, together with organic, renewable and biological ingredients, are the main active ingredients of this cream. The composition of the cream soothes the skin and at the same time reduces the visible symptoms of rosacea and strengthens the skin's self-healing powers to support the restoration of a normal skin.

Serum (30ml): This complex provides immediate relief of skin discomfort in rosacea and improves local circulation. Reduces facial redness. Hydrates the skin and makes it pleasantly soft. Soothes the skin.

Mask (50ml): The Cure Vegetale Mask has been specially developed for the treatment of extremely sensitive skin. The essential nourishing and hydrating active ingredients of the Cure Vegetale Mask restore and strengthen the skin's natural protective shield. The contained "anti-stress" complex in this mask, consisting of eight marine & herbal ingredients soothe the epidermis for a long time. The skin recovers amazingly fast and feels extremely comfortable, it is visibly strengthened and more resistant.

For more information on the CURE VEGETALE product series, please refer to the individual product descriptions.

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