Veana UG (limited liability)
Marc Dörre
Brendelweg 248
27755 Delmenhorst
Phone +49(0)4221399472

Tax number 11 57 201 31228 57 1011

VAT ID.DE273631511Germany
VAT ID.FR02848004875France
VAT ID.IT00215869991Italy
VAT ID.PL5263237452Poland
VAT ID.CZ684580390Czech Republic
VAT ID.GB293589055Great Britain

Register type and seat of Oldenburg District Court
Register number HRB204918

Registered according to the Packaging Ordinance with DSD GmbH "Green Dot" license number on request.

EORI No.: DE1623796

Images: All images used come from Shutterstock (exception: product photos).

Product photos: We make all used product photos ourselves with PackshotCreator.

Online Dispute Resolution pursuant to Article 14(1) of the ODR Regulation: The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (ODR) which you can use under