Anti Acne Tea Tree Peel Off - Mask (100g)


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Completely natural and highly effective mask for alleviating skin impurities and fighting acne bacteria.

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Anti Acne Tea Tree Peel Off - Mask (100g)

For oily skin and combination skin, in case of susceptibility to acne. 100% NATURAL.

Completely natural and highly effective mask for alleviating skin impurities and fighting acne bacteria. Generously enriched with antimicrobial tea tree oil, this seaweed and tea tree oil-based mask also helps to soothe skin irritation. The results are immediately visible: the skin is clean and the pores are closed. The mask absorbs excess sebum, and the skin is cleansed by the effect of the tea tree oil.

  • Anti-acne pore reduction - sebum-regulating - mattifying effect.
  • Strong cleaning and absorption power in the removal of mid-serene.
  • Moisturizing.
  • Reduces acne attacks. Contains a completely natural moisturizing formula to help men, women and adolescents reduce skin pores and give the skin a beautiful and well-groomed appearance using alginate (seaweed).
  • This superactive formula helps regulate sebum secretions, reduces enlarged pores and prevents skin impurities.
  • Based on alginate and pure essential tea tree oil.
  • Prevents excess fat and supports optimal moisture regulation of the skin.

Instructions: Easy to prepare, apply and remove (peel-off), Natural instant powder turns into a creamy paste when mixed with water. Wash the skin after 20 minutes is not necessary (no aggressive effect). Dose 20 g of powder and 60 g of water. Pour the water on the powder and stir vigorously to obtain a homogeneous paste. Important: Use water with a temperature of 20° Celsius. The mask becomes fixed within 5 minutes of application. Give the mask at least 15 minutes to unfold its effect. Remove the mask by removing it as a whole in one operation.

INCI: silica, alginate, calcium sulfate, sodium phosphate, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, Salix Alba leaf extract, Maris limus extract, Melaleuca-Alternifolia oil, CI 77007, menthol, limonene.

Packaging: 100 g - 5 applications in resealable stand-up bag.

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